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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Keep Our Promises

WE PROMISE to give each one of our veterans and their loved ones the respect they have earned through their courageous sacrifice and service to our country.

WE PROMISE to always listen and address any questions they or their loved ones may have regarding their care as quickly as possible regardless of time, circumstance, or any situation where others may have failed to do so.

WE PROMISE to see each veteran as an individual, recognizing that everyone’s needs are different and unique to their personal situation.

WE PROMISE that we will never disregard, ignore, or overlook our veterans’ concerns for their individual chosen plan of care and will adhere to their specific instructions in doing so. And Finally…

WE PROMISE and guarantee that we will honor and care for our family of veterans in the very best manner possible, and do our part to make their lives as valuable, comfortable, and fulfilling while showing them our deepest gratitude for the service they have provided so that we can live freely in this great nation.


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Our staff includes individuals from all walks of life and various backgrounds with the common goal of providing the best care possible for every client we service.


Welcome to AMERICARE

Americare offers non-medical home care services for veterans and their loved ones. Through our care services, we aim to make a positive impact in your life by helping relieve the load of stress that is weighing so heavily on your shoulders. We understand that there is more than one kind of injury, there is more than one kind of disability, and there are countless illnesses that may stop you from living the life you want. We are here to give you the helping hands you need to overcome these challenges and to live the life you deserve. You fought and risked it all for us, so allow us to return the favor by caring for you today.

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