About Us

Caregiver and senior smiling

At Americare, we understand that for many of our nation’s veterans, their battle doesn’t end when they come home… especially if they suffer injuries and other medical issues due to their service to our great nation.

Many of these heroes still face the task of dealing with new medical changes, and handling these challenges can become difficult without professional assistance.

That’s where AMERICARE can help.

We offer services that deal specifically with the challenges faced by our veterans on a daily basis.

Knowing that each service man and woman requires an individualized plan of care, we offer services to help meet their specific needs. We proudly provide in-home assistance with personal care tasks and companionship.

Our services are part of the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package, so remember you’ve earned them! All enrolled Veterans are eligible. You can continue to receive these services for as long as you need them.

If you are not sure which benefits you qualify for, call us today and we will get you the help and answers you need to get started right away. 318-704-6087 or 833-267-0351.