Wheelchair Test

User ID: Date:05/28/2024

  1. Wheelchair safety in the home means:
    Adequate lighting
    Removing clutter from the floor
    Making sure that there is enough room to move around furniture
    All of the above
  2. The principles of body mechanics include:
    The mechanical parts of a wheelchair
    A set of rules that help maintain correct body alignment
    Minimal, moderate and maximum assist
    Squat and stand pivots
  3. The correct way to lift is:
    Locking the knees and lifting with the back
    Bending the knees and lifting with the legs
    Holding the object away from the body
    None of the above
  4. The natural way to move from sitting to standing includes:
    Moving to the edge of the chair
    Leaning forward
    Shifting the weight from the buttocks to the feet
    All of the above
  5. When maneuvering a wheelchair down a hill or ramp:
    The person in the wheelchair faces uphill and you are positioned behind the wheelchair
    The position doesn't matter as long as the wheel locks are used
    The person in the wheelchair faces downhill and you are positioned behind the wheelchair
    None of the above
  6. Pressure ulcers can develop at pressure points that include:
    Back of the spine
    Elbows and heels
    Sitting bones
    All of the above
  7. To prevent pressure ulcers make sure that:
    You regularly check the person's skin for redness
    The person's position is often changed
    Report redness to the physician or nurse
    All of the above
  8. When helping a person who uses a walker, crutches or cane:
    Stand on the person's strong side and slightly ahead
    The person should look down at the feet when walking
    The device should fit so there is no bend in the elbow
    None of the above
  9. When you lift an object:
    Face the direction of movement.
    Always bring the object you are moving as close to you as possible
    Spread your feet apart to make a solid base
    All of the above
  10. When setting up for a stand pivot transfer from bed to wheelchair:
    Armrests are removed from the wheelchair
    The wheelchair is placed even with the bed
    The person is sitting at the edge of the bed
    Position the feet close together
  11. Proper body mechanics includes bending at the knees and hips not at the waist.
    True False
  12. Transfer means moving a person from one surface to another.
    True False
  13. Slippers and stocking feet are proper footwear for wheelchair transfers.
    True False
  14. Never place a gait belt over drains, feeding tubes or wounds.
    True False
  15. Anyone using crutches, cane or walker should look down at the ground for safety reasons.
    True False
  16. A cane is used on the opposite side of the weak leg.
    True False
  17. When providing care, allow the person to help as much as possible.
    True False
  18. Slight reddening at a pressure point may be an indication of a pressure ulcer.
    True False
  19. Older adults need more light to see well compared to younger people.
    True False
  20. When lifting, bend at the waist.
    True False