Scald Injury 2016 Test

User ID: Date:03/04/2024

  1. All hot water in kitchens and bathrooms should be set below?
    100 Degrees
    120 Degrees
    140 Degrees
    None of the Above
  2. ______________ which stops the flow of hot water at 120 degrees should be available to all elderly and desabled:
    Hot water heaters
    Water faucets
    Anti-scald devices
    None of the above
  3. Which of the following are ways to reduce/avoid scalds when using a stove?
    Lower the flame and cook slower.
    Only cook on an electic stove.
    Use long, bright colored cords so as they are easily seen.
    Turn handles on your pots around so they cannot be pulled over.
  4. How quickly can boiling water cause a scald?
    At least 2 minutes
    At least 30 minutes
  5. Which of the following are immediate concerns with a scald burn?
    Proper nutrition
    Prompt wound healing
    Adequate pain management
    All of the above
  6. Most burns heal best in a _________ environment:
  7. Pain medications should only be used to the maximum amount compatible with ____________________:
    Patient safety
    Patient pain level
    Seriousness of the burn
    All of the above.
  8. How long does it typically take a scald burn to heal without surgical treatment?
    8-12 Weeks
    4-6 Weeks
    3 Weeks
    10 Weeks
  9. When a scald burn occurs, cool the scalded area under cool tap water for a minimum of ______ minutes:
    5 minutes
    10 minutes
    20 minutes
    8 minutes
  10. Microwave popcorn vapor can reach a temperature of:
    150 degrees
    212 degrees
    100 degrees
    180 degrees
  11. A third degree burn can occur after 15 seconds at:
    133 degrees
    156 degrees
    212 degrees
    149 degrees
  12. How hot should a child's bath water be?
    133 degrees
    100 degrees
    142 degrees
    72 degrees

  14. Only placing an individual in a bath or shower after the tap is off or temerature tested can help avoid scald burns:
    True False
  15. As long as you have tested the temperature of the water, it is okay to allow your developmentally disabled client to bathe unsupervised:
    True False
  16. Always remove clothing when a scald burn occurs:
    True False
  17. As long as you follow the directions on the package and not overcook it, microwave food is safe to eat right out of the microwave:
    True False
  18. To help dry the scald burn out, put an ample amount of baby poweder on it to promote healing:
    True False
  19. All scald burns are preventable:
    True False
  20. Which of the following statements are true?
    Always call 911 if the scald is to the face, genitals or larger than a child's hand
    Call 911 if the burn is deep, even if the individual says they don't feel any pain
    Call 911 if the burn looks raw angry or blistered.
    All of the above
  21. What is the first step when a scald burn occurs?
    Cover the area with loose, light, non-sticky dressing
    Cool the scalded area under cool tap water
    Make sure the area is safe to recover the victim and it is safe to move them from the source of the scald
    Call 911