Personal Care Exam

User ID: Date:05/28/2024

  1. The single most effective way to prevent the spread of germs is:
    Washing all surfaces regularly with Chlorine or Lysol.
    Wearing disposable gloves when providing personal care.
    Proper handwashing.
    Avoiding handling body fluid or contaminated equipment.
  2. When providing personal care:
    A positive attitude is the most important quality.
    Perform tasks yourself because you are the one trained in the correct procedures.
    Respect the person’s preferences and privacy.
    All of the above.
  3. Which of the following is the proper beginning sequence when giving a bed bath:
    Buttocks, genitals, arms and legs.
    Eyes, face, ears and neck.
    Arms, legs, chest and back.
    Face, ears, neck and arms.
  4. When giving a bed bath, it is necessary to change the water:
    When it is no longer warm.
    After cleaning the legs and feet.
    Whenever the water becomes dirty or too soapy.
    All of the above.
  5. When providing personal care, the environment should:
    Imitate a hospital setting.
    Be in the bedroom.
    Be warm and free from drafts.
    Be where the person can see grandchildren playing.
  6. In order to prevent pressure ulcers:
    Change the person’s position in bed every 4 hours.
    Bathe the person daily.
    Change the person’s position in bed every 2 hours.
    Apply salve to reddened areas.
  7. When providing nail care, it’s important to:
    Consult with a professional before trimming the nails of a person who is overweight.
    Trim corns.
    Cut and round the toenails.
    None of the above.
  8. When shaving someone, always:
    Shave in the same direction that the hair grows.
    Keep the skin loose and flexible.
    Shave the chin bringing the razor from the chin to the neck.
    Use long, even strokes.
  9. When giving a bed bath, it is important to support the limbs at the joints.
    True False
  10. Washing from the dirtiest areas of the body to the cleanest areas helps reduce the spread of germs.
    True False
  11. Bath time is an excellent time to observe the skin for redness, a warning sign of a pressure ulcer.
    True False
  12. When dressing a person, dress the weak limb last and undress it first.
    True False
  13. When lifting, always keep your feet close together.
    True False
  14. It is important to rub lotion on thin fragile skin in order to keep it moisturized.
    True False
  15. A bed cradle gently rocks the person to sleep.
    True False