Medicaid Service Delivery Test

User ID: Date:07/19/2024

  1. DSW CANNOT work more than ___ hours in a 24-hour period?
  2. If the consumer changes the schedule continuously occurs for ___ calendar days let your supervisor know so we can request a permanent change in the plan of care.
  3. The following are tasks I cannot help my consumer with unless delegated by a Registered Nurse
     Filling a medication planner
     Opening the bottle and handing the medication to my client
     Monitoring blood pressure
     All of the above
  4. The following are valid reasons for changing a consumer schedule:
     Your child has a dr. appointment
     You don’t like waking up early
     The consumer decided to flex their hours
     You don’t get along with the consumer’s family
  5. If you must leave early, you must do the following in this exact order:
     Let your client know, clock out, then call your supervisor
     Call your supervisor, let your client know, clock out
     Call your supervisor, get permission to leave, clock out
     Call the on-coming staff and tell them to come early, let the client know, clock out
  6. I can provide services at my house as long as the consumer is my mother.
  7. I cannot help my consumer pay their bills unless their state approved plan of care requires it.
  8. As long as I pay them back when I get paid and they can afford it, I can borrow my consumer’s EBT card to get groceries for my family:
  9. When you make a purchase for your consumer, if you do not turn in the receipts, the total amount funded will be deducted from your paycheck.
  10. If your supervisor has scheduled you to work more than 16 hours in a 24-hour period, that means it’s okay and you can do it if you need the money: