Implementing Service Plan Exam

User ID: Date:05/28/2024

  1. Which of the following is NOT another name for a Service Plan:
    Plan of Care
    Individual Service Plan
    Daily Progress Note
  2. What is a Service Plan?
    A consumer specific plan that outlines the services that AHS will provide to that consumer.
    A general overview of that consumer's health status
    A list of the individual’s medication
    A list of the benefits that the state provides the consumer
  3. Every ______________ includes a copy of the service plan
    Medication Administration Record
    Home Binder
    Progress Note
  4. Whose responsibility is it to know what the service plan includes?
    The DSW
    Your Supervisor
    The individual's family members
    A list The Veteran's Administration
  5. Which program is defined as those services that provide assistance with the distinct tasks associated with the performance of the activities of daily living?
    Community Choice
    Bayou Health Program
    New Opportunities Waiver
  6. If you are working for an individual and they are supposed to get dressed and groomed today, but they inform you that they would rather stay in their pajamas all day, what would you do?
    Explain to her that she must dress today because the service plan shows demands it
    Call your supervisor immediately to report this
    Just check off on your notes that she dressed. You don’t want her to get into trouble
    Write an appropriate note such as: Mrs. Smith did not want to dress today. She preferred to stay in her pajamas.
  7. Clients that are paid privately (by their family or their own funds) or by Long Term Care, Workers’ Comp or other disability insurance policies have an individual service plan that AHS develops with:
    The state of Louisiana
    Other employees of AHS
    The client and their family to meet their individual needs
    The supervisor and other DSW’s that work with similar clients.
  8. If you have questions about the plan of care for the consumer you have been assigned to work you should:
    Call the consumer’s Power of Attorney
    Call your immediate supervisor
    Call the Veteran’s Administration
    Explain to the consumer that you don’t understand their care plan and immediately leave the worksite
  9. For each statement, [] True or False.

  10. Service plans are important if you want to do a good job
    True False
  11. The DSW gets to choose what services to provide
    True False
  12. All service plans are individualized
    True False
  13. If two consumers have the same diagnosis, the plan is the same
    True False
  14. I can stay for as long as my consumer needs me.
    True False
  15. Some service plans inform you on how to deal with certain behaviors associated with that client.
    True False