Essential Bedrest Skills Test

User ID: Date:07/19/2024

  1. Proper body mechanics for lifting are:
    Twist at the waist
    Lift with your back not your legs
    Bring the object close to you
    Always keep your knees straight
  2. Which of the following does not contribute to the formation of a pressure ulcer:
    Pressure relief
    External pressure
  3. Which of the following are pressure points:
    The sacrum
    Hip bone
    All of the above
  4. Two areas of the body that need support when lying on one’s side are:
    The head
    Top arm
    Both of the above
    Neither of the above
  5. The prone position is when the person is lying on his or her:
    Lower back
  6. Moving and positioning your body correctly is called:
    Principles of pressure points
    Principles of body mechanics
    Principles of external rotation
    Body movement guidelines
  7. When moving someone to the edge of the bed, begin by:
    Sliding one of your arms under the person’s shoulders and your other arm under the back.
    Sliding your arms along the sheet as you shift your weight to your back foot.
    Sliding one of your arms under the person’s hips and the other under the thighs.
    Grasping the draw sheet at the person’s hip and pulling it toward you.
  8. A draw sheet is:
    A bed sheet that is folded in half hem-to-hem.
    An aid for moving someone that is unable to help you.
    Placed in the center of the bed between the shoulders and mid-thigh.
    All of the above.
  9. A mechanical lift can cause fear for some people. You can help relieve fear by:
    Moving him or her as quickly as possible.
    Explaining to the patient each step along the way.
    Moving slowly.
    B and C only.
  10. Elasticized stockings should be removed and put on again:
    Every day
    Every 12 hours
    Every 8 hours
    Every 6 hours
  11. The best way to prevent pressure ulcers is frequent repositioning and a daily examination of the skin.
    True False
  12. Never leave someone on the bedpan for long periods of time. Bedpans may constrict blood vessels, which can cause skin breakdown.
    True False
  13. The major cause of pressure ulcers is bedwetting.
    True False
  14. A clean, wrinkle-free bed helps prevent pressure ulcers.
    True False
  15. In the 30-degree Fowler’s or modified sitting up in bed position, there is less pressure on the lower back.
    True False
  16. To turn someone on the side away from you, have the person cross his/her arms over the chest. Then cross the leg that is farthest from you over the leg that is closest to you.
    True False
  17. It is not necessary to wash your hands after wearing gloves.
    True False
  18. When using a mechanical lift to move someone from the bed to the wheelchair, raise the person only enough to clear the bed.
    True False
  19. Handwashing is the most effective measure to prevent the spread of germs.
    True False
  20. Pressure points indicate areas that need massage.
    True False