Basic First Aid Test

User ID: Date:05/28/2024

  1. A woman burned her hand in the kitchen. You should…
    Stop the burning
    Cool the burn with large amounts of cold water
    Cover the burn loosely with a dry sterile dressing
    All of the above
  2. What should you do for a person with heat exhaustion?
    Force the person to quickly drink a lot of water
    Get the person out of the heat and into a cooler place
    Put more layers of clothing on the person a protection again the heat
    All of the above
  3. How should you care for a person with frostbitten hands?
    Immerse his or her hands in hot water
    Massage his or her hands vigorously
    Have the person shake his or her hands until feeling is restored
    Get the person to a warn environment and then rewarm his or her hands in warm water
  4. What is the first step in caring for a bleeding wound?
    Let the wound “air out”
    Pour alcohol on the wound
    Apply direct pressure with a sterile or clean dressing
    Care for shock
  5. How should you care for person with a possible head, neck, or back injury?
    Move the person into a comfortable position as soon as possible
    Move the injured area so that it rests above the person’s heart
    Minimize movement of the head, neck, and back
    None of the above
  6. What should you do if someone has a foreign object stuck in their eye?
    Remove it immediately
    Surround the object with large bulky dressings so that it can’t move
    Flush the eye with water
    None of the above
  7. What should you do if you suspect someone has ingested poison?
    Make them vomit as quickly as possible
    Have them drink milk
    Have them drink water
    Call 9-1-1
  8. When someone has a nosebleed, how long should you keep pressure on the nose to stop the bleeding?
    Ten minutes
    Five minutes
    Three minutes
    Eight minutes